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Scaling Customer Support: How to Hire & Help New Agents 

Tuesday, February 27th @ 11:30am EST

Business is booming, requests are rising, and the case for expanding your customer support team couldn’t be clearer.  

Your next challenge: Find talented people and turn them into top performers. Fast. 

In this presentation from Aircall's Head of Customer Relations, Tania Kefs, you'll learn: 

  • Which structure might suit your growing team
  • How to know if candidates have the right skills
  • Which training techniques save everyone time

  So register below to keep your customer support team marching forward (and avoid taking two steps back). 

Since joining Aircall in 2015, Tania has built our customer support and success teams from the ground up. All the while, she's been helping hundred of our clients scale their operations without compromising service quality.